Blue Rotary UV Laser Engraving Machine, Textile Laser Engraver 360 / 720 DPI

  • 8/13/2017
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Blue Rotary UV Laser Engraving Machine

DOSUN blue-fina™ Laser Engine:Integrating several high technologies ,such as 405nm laser diode, fiber dot-matrix, automatic focusing, light-power balancing, constant temperature controlling and so on ,in to one, it provides  revolutionary  power for finer screen engraving.
DOSUN engravine ™ Software :After tens of edition upgrade in past decades, as a profound and professional synthesizer of engraving technology DOSUN  engravine™ Software not only belongs to DOSUN but also to the whole textile printing industry.
DOSUN perfekt™ Hardware Platform:Decades of engraver-manufacturing experience, hundreds of successful user′s case, thousands of vivid technical specific, loads more than perfectness.

Model BRC 2500    BRC3000     BRC3500
Screen Size 2500 mm      3000 mm     3500 mm
Screen Repeat

640mm (Standard)

820mm/914mm/1018mm (Optional)
Resolution 360/720 dpi
Repeated Accuracy ± 0.02mm
Imaging Light Source 405nm Laser diode
Engraving Speed 6 ~ 8min/m (Repeat 640mm)
Acceptable File Format BMP/TIFF
Interface USB

Temperature: 8 ~ 28ºC

Humidity: 30 ~ 50 % (Non-condensing)

Lighting: Yellow Light
Power 1.5KW/220V , 50Hz

3950mm × 750mm × 1220mm (BRC2500)

4450mm × 750mm × 1220mm (BRC3000)

4950mm × 750mm × 1220mm (BRC3500)